Allotment Assist (AA)

Allotment Assist (AA) is a service from the Northern Counties Allotments Association (NCAA) to help Self-Managed allotment sites and Associations manage their documents, finance, membership lists and many other tasks.


Allotment Assist is split into a number of Modules.


Module 1: Finance Assist

This will assist Treasurers and Committees to produce monthly and year-end accounts. We can take the burden off you and provide you with a full set of accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis and give you an independently examined set of accounts for your Annual General Meeting.

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Module 2: Membership Assist


This is a planned service but will probably not be available until Spring 2020. We are not sure yet whether this will be an on-line service, whether it will be on a ‘Cloud’ and of course there are GDPR implications which we are sorting out.


Module 3: Documents Assist

Documents can be a nightmare! With the increasing bureaucracy due to Self-Management agreements, changes in legislation and different requirements of the many sites in Northern England it is no wonder committees get confused and tear their hair out.

We will scrutinise your documents, modify them where needed and keep them updated with changes caused by legislation, making sure that your documents are watertight and within the law.

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Module 4: Policies and Procedures Assist

The aim of this module is to provide association committees with Policies and Procedures written in plain English and easy to understand thus removing any misunderstandings. As with the Documents Service, we will update your documents as and when changes occur.

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For as little as £120 per year for an average sized site we can supply the Finance Assist, Documents Assist and Policies & Procedures Assist modules. Given that an accountant will charge an average of £150 – £200 just to do an audit, the service supplied by the NCAA is good value for money.