Policies and Procedures Assist

Module 4: Policies and Procedures Assist

Of all the disputes dealt with over the last five years by the NCAA, over 50% have been connected to botched terminations, inaccurate and non-consistent garden inspections and inability of committees to enforce discipline. This has largely been due to confusing and contradictory documents. However, there is no point of having a good set of documents if they are hard to understand and interpret. The aim of this module is to provide association committees with Policies and Procedures written in plain English and easy to understand thus removing any misunderstandings. As with the Documents Service, we will update your documents as and when changes occur.

List of Policies and Procedures (not exhaustive):

Lettings, Terminations, Bullying and Harassment, Safeguarding, GDPR, Health and Safety, Volunteering, Animal Welfare, Risk Assessment, Lone Workers, Inspection Regime, Complaints, Waiting Lists, Expenses, Co-Workers, Equal Opportunities and many more….

Additionally, for Town and Parish Councils we can provide Strategy and Policy documents for your Allotments Service.

Note, again, there is no download service for any of the Policies and Procedures


Polices and Procedure Assist

Service Annual Notes
Standard Documents £10.00 As listed above plus any similar as they occur
Self-Managed/Leased Sites £20.00 Includes above but importantly we check your documents with your landlords’ documents.
Local Authorities (Town and Parish only)   This service is included in your yearly subscription
Policy and Strategy Documents (Town and Parish Councils)   Please contact the NCAA for a quote