Finance Assist

Module 1: Finance Assist:

Allotment gardeners are not supposed to be financial wizards, this service will take the burden off harassed treasurers. This will provide you with a set of accounts monthly or quarterly and prepare your accounts for your Annual General Meeting and any statutory requirements. There is an upgraded version for those sites that have a trading shop.

Finance Service – How does it work?

You send us a copy of your balance sheet for the previous year. You send us a copy or original of your receipts and payments from then on, either monthly or quarterly. We must receive these within 7 days of the month or quarter end date. This can be done by email or post.

We will then provide you with a copy of your accounts within 14 days of receipt of these documents. These will be in Excel or pdf format, whichever you wish. Note we cannot be responsible for any changes you make to these documents unless you send us revised receipt or payment documentation.

For an additional fee we will provide you will a full set of Independently Examined accounts at year end, signed by an independent person. These will be ready for your Annual General Meeting.

If you are an incorporated organisation or are registered at HMRC, then, for an additional fee, we can arrange to update Companies House and HMRC with your details.

Please note that there must be a minimal amount of cash transactions. Sites that in the past have carried out their finance control on a cash basis and where payments/receipts have not been made through the bank account may not be eligible for this service. Any sites with this method of financial control will be persuaded to attend the NCAA’s course on Financial Management before acceptance on this service.


Finance Assist Service

Service Annual Notes
Basic Finance Service – up to 100 entries £50.00 Each receipt or payment is one line
Standard Finance Service – more than 100 entries £75.00 Each receipt or payment is one line
Add Trading Account (Shop) to either of above £50.00 No limit on entries
Year End Independent Examination on any above £50.00