Documents Assist

Module 3: Documents Assist:

Documents can be a nightmare! With the increasing bureaucracy due to Self-Management agreements, changes in legislation and different requirements of the many sites in Northern England it is no wonder committees get confused and tear their hair out.

We can help! We can provide you with a set of management documents, tailor them to the needs of the individual associations but more importantly, we can advise of any changes you may need as time goes by. Documents must not confuse, contradict or miss out vital clauses!

How will this work? We will supply you with standard documentation and discuss what changes you need to tailor them to your needs and the requirements of your landlord. Also included are Constitutions for your association membership.

We will keep a copy of all your documentation on our server. Whenever we hear about changes in legislation, new requirements of your landlord or your association then we will amend your documents, send you new versions for your approval and put the approved new versions on our server.

Documents included will be, but not limited to, Tenancy Agreements, Constitutions, Leases, Membership Agreements and Rules.

Whenever we change the ‘master’ copy, we will check your site’s version to ensure you are up-to-date.

Note, there will not be a download service. Many associations have downloaded documents from the internet and used them without due process to check they are applicable to their site/association. Many times this has led to problems later on.


Documents Service

Service Annual Notes
Standard Documents £10.00 Constitutions, Rules, Members Agreements etc.
Self-Managed/Leased Sites £20.00 Includes above plus Tenancy Agreements but importantly we cross-check your documents with your landlords’ documents.
Local Authorities (Town and Parish only)   This service is included in your yearly subscription